How to Cheat on Online Test

How to Cheat on Online Test

Online tests are becoming the new method of examining student’s abilities in recent times. All thanks to the Covid-19 pandemics. As an attempt to maintain social distancing and possibly discourage the spread of the virus.

There is a need for schools to embrace this new way. Coupled with the fact that the population of students is on the rise.

Universities, colleges, and instructors just have thought online tests can be more secure. Technology no doubt should enhance the way things are done.

However, the reverse is the case when it comes to online tests. The same technology made how to cheat on online test easier for students beyond the school imagination.

Regardless of measures out into places by proctoring platforms, expert and indigents students have found ways to bypass and chest in an online test. Getting online test answers ahead of exams is even easier than expected.

Nonetheless, you need to understand the risk attached to cheating in a test. The consequences attached may be gross if caught.

Methods of Online Tests

Schools make use of different methods of examining students online. They can make use of a particular website created for that purpose. At the same time, schools make use of third-party platforms. The third-party examination platforms are most used for general examinations.

Instructors may use simple tools such as Google form or Google classroom to examine students for continuous assessment. Interestingly, cheating on such platforms can be more manageable. These platforms do not have measures to discover if students cheat on online tests.

In the case of third-party examination platforms like Examity, cheating might be difficult. It will require extra effort and technological skills to engage in malpractices. These platforms involve stringent measures to discourage cheating.

Nonetheless, experts have cracked the nut and taught students how to cheat on an online test.

How to Get Online Test Answers

One of the easiest ways of cheating online is by getting online test answers. This method is viable when you can access the question ahead of the test. Most times, online tests are not conducted at once. It is done in batches and may require students to select the most convenient time.

As such, it becomes possible to get the questions and solve them after the first batch. It is difficult to remember all the questions offhand after the exam.

However, students can use tools like screenshots of the proctoring platforms that will not flag the act. In the case of formidable proctoring platforms, students make use of virtual machine methods.

After that, you can document the questions. A team of experts will give solutions to each question. The solutions can then be made available online for students taking consequent tests. There might be a need to open a new tab where the answer is alongside the test tab.

Meanwhile, this method can be impossible with an online proctoring platform. The reason for this is because such platforms are capable of detecting malpractices. It will flag such and report to the instructor or the examination body.

How to Cheat on an Online Test: Basic Steps

There are steps to follow on how to cheat on an online test. A student who will cheat successfully must have followed these basic steps. There are three basic steps a cheater will have to follow. They are explained below;

  • Identify the area of concentration

It is impossible to cheat on an online test if you are clueless about the possible question. The first step in your cheating spree is to identify the area of concentration. You might be unable to pick out the exact question the instructor might set. However, you can assume possible questions to be asked.

On the other hand, when the question is now known. You may need to skip this step to the second step. However, if you are clueless about the possible question, you can identify the area of concentration. Hence, it will serve as your element for cheating.

  • Get a solution ahead

After identifying either the question or the area of concentration, the next attempt gives solutions to the questions involved. If the questions are known, you can make use of various means to provide solutions. Textbooks can help you provide solutions to the questions you may not handle. Likewise, you can see the help of a professional.

When you have concentration and not the actual question, you identify essential things you may need to remember. If it is a math test, you may need to identify possible formulas that will be required.

  • Pick your method of cheating

This process may not be easy for a beginner who did not know how to cheat in an online test. There are many ways to carry out online test cheating. The next part of this article addresses some of the ways.

Therefore, you need to identify and choose your most appropriate method. You need to have it at the back of your mind that cheating is unacceptable in colleges. If caught, the consequences might be unbearable.

Students Ways of Cheating in an Online Test

Students come up with many ways to cheat in an online test. The article does not seek to encourage the use of these methods. Neither does it assure you of the effectiveness of the method. However, these methods have been proven to be the acts of many cheaters in colleges and universities. The following are tips for cheating in an online test;

  • Using online aid

This tip is the easiest and the most popular way students cheat in online tests. In an online test, students make use of different online aids and search engines.

Google seems to be the best friend of many students in this situation. There are also websites where you can access professional help.

You will have to open a new tab in the browser. You can minimize the entire browser and make use of another browser. However, this approach may be ineffective in some cases. Some proctoring platforms are strong enough to detect tab minimizing. In such a case, it will flag it as inappropriate and report it to the examiner.

  • Hacking of web camera

This tip might be a bit difficult for a student who is not tech-savvy. Online tests at times make use of web cameras for surveillance. This tactic is in a bid to discourage students from making use of textbooks or external assistance. It is unfortunate students have gotten away with this technique.

You can use some apps to hack web cameras. ManyCam is a popular app for this operation. This app enables you to control the use of a live stream as your webcam feed. Using this app requires an extra fee.

  • Using PDF files

This method is also standard among students. Students make textbooks in Portable Documents File (PDF) formats. This process enables them to have such a file on the device with which they take the test. Such textbooks can then open a new window for cheating’s sake.

This method as well might be faulty with some high-level security proctoring websites. They run a system scan before the commencement of the test. This practice allows them to identify any file that could help the student during the test.

  • Sharing screen

This tip is a brilliant method among hacks for online exam cheating. It was such an unimaginable method of cheating. Just as online proctors invent ways to curb online examination malpractices, students also come up with counter-measures. This screen-sharing method allows students to beat webcam and system check measures.

You have to get an extra monitor to stand behind your actual monitor. Your web camera can only cover the happening adjacent to the camera. As such, the external aid can stay with the extra monitor at the back of the primary monitor. You will connect the two monitors to share resources.

While you act before the camera as the exam taker, the external aid completes the work with the external monitor. This is made possible by using an external mouse or keyboard, which allows the person to type on your behalf. It is advisable to use a wireless connection or Bluetooth for the external input systems.

  • The virtual machine method

This tip is the most effective method for online test cheating. The virtual machine is simply a computer inside a computer. It allows you to have multiple operating systems within a computer. You will also be able to switch between the operating systems at will.

Take, for instance, if your system makes use of the Windows 8 operating system. You can make use of a virtual system of Windows XP. This method is effective as the proctoring platforms will be unable to detect switches between operating systems. You can take the test on one OS while using online aids or PDF textbooks on the other OS.

How to Cheat on an Online Math Test

Cheating on online math text is simple compared to all other tests. This simplicity is because online math tests are always multiple-choice tests. Therefore, knowing how to cheat on multiple-choice tests online will help with online math tests. It is also possible to use any of the ways above to cheat in an online math test.

Another standard method on how to cheat on an online math test is by using calculators. Examiners may not care about the use of calculators if they are unaware of their ability. Programmable calculators can store formulae. Likewise, students can use it for solving certain equations by inputting the unknown values.

Consequence if Caught Cheating on Online Test

Cheating on an online test is an outright act of indiscipline. School authorities and instructors frown at such acts. Students who engage in such acts might be made to bear specific punishments. Each school and examination body has a code of conduct and punishment for malpractices.

In some schools, the punishment can be as grievous as dismissal. Such students are considered as rotten eggs, which may ingest such habits into others. As such, they are rusticated to curb such acts. If lenient, the punishment might be a rejection of the test taken. Such students may be asked to retake such tests under stringent measures.

Final thoughts

Almost all students take one or two tests online. Even against choice, the outbreak of Corona Virus has given room for such. Consequently, students who are cheaters also came up with various ways of cheating in online tests.

In most cases, online tests are done on proctoring platforms that put measures to discourage cheating. Regardless, students can maneuver using technological aids. Screen sharing, virtual machines, and programmable calculators are the most effective ways students cheat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can online tests be designed to prevent cheating?
Online tests can be designed to prevent cheating by randomizing question orders and using time limits. other methods include limiting access to resources, using plagiarism detection software, and monitoring test-takers via webcams or proctoring services.
Is it possible to cheat on an online test and get away with it?
While cheating on an online test may be possible, it is not advisable. Cheating risks being caught, which can result in serious consequences. Moreover, cheating undermines the value of one's education and may harm one's long-term career prospects.