How to Cheat in Exam

How to Cheat in Exam

Examinations are the school’s way of assessing how much knowledge a student has accumulated. Therefore, a student has to take exams from time to time before progressing in his academic pursuit.

Meanwhile, not all students want that exam. The method seems more heinous to them, such that they devise ways to maneuver in an exam.

When a student adequately prepares, he passes his exams without fear. However, an unprepared student will have to take the shortcut. Students have many methods of how to cheat in an exam.

This article is not in any way an effort to encourage malpractices. It only seeks to address various ways students used for cheating on an exam.

Is it Possible to Cheat in an Exam?

While cheating is an old practice in the school environment, many people are new to the system. They tend to ask questions on how possible it is to cheat in an exam.

The possibility of exam cheating depends on the type of exam. This factor determines the strength of invigilation and malpractice checks put in place.

Students often cheat on a college exam for good grades. Meanwhile, this event is not possible with some other examination systems. Cheating on an online exam is also possible. It is even easier to cheat on online exams than other types of exams.

Meanwhile, it might be difficult to cheat when taking exams from some external examination bodies. Exams such as SAT, ACT, and MAT put adequate measures into place to check for malpractices. If such is identified, the penalty is dismissal.

5 Best Ways to Cheat in an Exam

Cheating is an old tradition in the student’s community. Examiners and schools are also not new to the system. Just as students devise means to cheat, examiners equally put up measures to curtail such acts. Regardless, there are different ways students cheat in an exam. Each of them is examined below;

·         The traditional methods

Cheating is as old as the examination itself. In times past when the use of gadgets is not prevalent, students cheating exams use some illogical methods. Although, these methods seem to be archaic and non-effective. But then, some students still attempt them in college exams.

One of such methods is writing answers or formulas on any part of the body. Students who are scared of mathematics do this a lot. You will write a part of the solution or formula in a closed-up part of the body. Some students write on the thigh while others make use of the palm. Students also make use of undisclosed areas in the body, like fingernails.

Another trick on how to cheat on a college exam using the traditional ways is by writing on desks. Students who may have identified their spot in the exam hall often do this. They write down the answer, definition of terms, and formulas on the table ahead of the exam. They place their script on such areas during the exam and then take advantage of it.

·         The use of mobile phone

The advent of technology now made cheating easy for students. One best way to cheat in exams is through the use of mobile phones. Mobile phones are made up of components and software that you can use explicitly for cheating. That is why many examinations go against the use of mobile phones during examinations.

The most prominent part of a mobile phone that you can use for cheating is the camera. Students take pictures of educational materials and store them on the phone. As such, they can revisit the storage to access these aid during the examination.

Likewise, a student can take a picture of the question, send it to external aid, and receive the answers through the phone. Students can also use mobile phones to access the internet. This access makes it possible for students to make use of search engines during exams.

It is also possible to visit any exam cheat website to get answers to questions during exams. Similarly, you can download textbooks in PDF format to serve as an aid during the exam.

·         Using Bluetooth earphones

The use of Bluetooth earphones is another method of communicating how to cheat on an exam in college. Students, most of the time, make use of the tiny version of this device. This size makes it possible for it to be concealed from the invigilator. To make it more concealed, such students wear caps or head coverings.

You can do the Bluetooth earphones cheating in two ways. Students communicate with an external aid via a Bluetooth device. Also, the student may listen to a pre-recorded voice note containing answers to the exam questions.

To take the best advantage of this option, students excuse themselves to the toilet most of the time. This strategy will allow unrestrained listening to whichever note they wish to listen to.

·         The use of tissues

Tissue is one of the most miniature ordinary objects a student can use for cheating. As such, it is one of the best ways to cheat on an exam. Tissues are not seen as incriminating materials during an exam. Unknowing to invigilators that tissue can serve as writing materials.

Students can write tiny words on tissues. Short notes, the definition of terms, and mathematical formulas can be inscribed on tissue. It can then be recalled during the examination.

·         Impression on blank papers

Blank paper impressions are another method of how to cheat on an exam. The uniqueness of this method is that it works wonderfully well without suspicion. It is used chiefly during mathematics examinations.

The method requires you to write on a sheet while another sheet is underneath. You write so hard that the impression of your writing on a paper appears on the paper underneath. You can then take the paper underneath alongside the exam hall.

Tips on How to Cheat on a College Exam

Cheating in high school can be different from cheating in a college exam. In colleges, supervision during exams can be more stringent.

Invigilators in such an environment will seriously watch against exam malpractices. Despite all these, students are still able to cheat in some ways.

After much evaluation, a common trait is discovered in students who cheat in colleges. Beyond knowing how to cheat in an exam room, these traits are necessary for successful cheating. The traits are explained below;

·         Confidence

Confidence is an important characteristic every cheater exhibits. A student cheating in exam without confidence is taking a high risk. Such students stand the chance of being suspected. Confidence makes you look unsuspicious even though you are cheating.

·         Smartness

Students who will engage in cheating in college must be brilliant. Such students understand how to conceal incriminating materials ahead of exams. They equally understand how to ensure that such materials are not exposed during exams. A cheater who is not intelligent may end up exposing himself during the exam.

·         Promptness

Cheating is a secret and unlawful activity. People who engage in such acts must be as fast as possible. They must be fast while writing their answers. Likewise, they must understand that the longer they stay in the exam hall, the longer the chance of being caught.

What Are The Exam Cheating Consequences?

Exam cheating is an unlawful act in colleges and high schools. School authorities are not always lenient with students who cheat. The school code of conduct considered cheating during exams as unethical behavior. As such, there are punishments meted to people who are caught in such acts. The following are possible consequences if caught cheating in an exam;

·         Rustication

Most schools don’t give a second chance to any cheater caught. The school takes time to orientate students on the dangers of cheating in an examination. As such, any students caught are considered disobedient and immoral influences. Such students are dismissed from the school permanently.

·         Suspension

Some colleges exhibit restraint when dealing with students who cheat. Instead of rustication, they may offer a more lenient punishment. Such students may be asked to excuse the school for a while. The student may miss a whole session or semester, as the case may be.

·         Rewrite

In some colleges, there is an examination malpractices committee. The committee serves as a jury which judges students who cheat. Suppose a student pleads guilty with a convincing story. The jury might request that such a student be made to rewrite the exam under solid surveillance.

Steps on How to Cheat on a Final Exam

Cheating on a final exam can be more complex than cheating in all other types of exams. Final exams are considered to be of more value than other exams. On the other hand, students as well seek every possible means to pass such exams. The following are how to cheat in an exam room during final exams;

·         Through the use of programmable calculators

Students who will cheat in a final exam must be innovative. You must be able to come up with an unimaginable method to scale through. One exciting way students cheat is through Scientific and programmable calculators. These calculators allow students to write hidden notes and formulas.

·         Visiting professional websites

Some professionals provide solutions to exam questions. They make use of websites to communicate with their customers. Students who will make use of this method will need a mobile phone during the exam. You will use your mobile phone to visit some cheating websites to have professional help.

·         Hidden notes on the thigh

Although this is a standard method, students use. Nonetheless, it is one of the best cheating tricks in a final exam. Students can write some notes on the thigh for cheating during the test. Some students may write on paper and tape it to their thighs.

What to Do When Caught Cheating in an Exam

There is no assurance you won’t get caught when cheating in an exam. Regardless of how smart you are, you must be aware that the invigilators are not also not dull. So it would be best if you were prepared as the probability of getting caught is 50%. Cheating on exams is a considerable risk you must be ready for if caught.

Therefore, if caught cheating, you must be ready to defend yourself. The first option is to destroy the evidence if possible. As such, it may be difficult for the invigilator to prove to the jury that you are cheating. It may be difficult when you make use of gadgets or the hall is under CCTV surveillance.

Final thoughts

Exams are not always friendly when you are not adequately prepared. In this case, you may need to adopt cheating to pass your exam. However, there is no guarantee that when you cheat, you won’t get caught.

If caught, the consequences of cheating can be rustication or suspension. Knowing how to cheat in an exam without breaking the rules is knowing how to study. Therefore, students who desire to pass without taking the risk of cheating must study ahead of exams.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some consequences of cheating in exams?
Consequences of cheating in exams include academic penalties, legal charges, loss of reputation, and damage to future career prospects. It can also result in losing peer, teacher, and family trust.
Can technology be used to prevent cheating in exams?
Yes, technology can be used to prevent cheating in exams. Some effective methods include online proctoring, plagiarism detection software, biometric verification, and randomized question papers. However, technology should be used responsibly and with consideration of student privacy.