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The dissertation is the hinge on which your degree is hanging. Everything else is done, but this counts for more than the rest. Now that push has come to shove, what you need is a guaranteed result. A way of securing that top grade and having your dissertation “in the bag”.

Your chosen writer will be a PhD-certified career expert in your field of study. That combination of trained skill and specific knowledge cannot be found anywhere else, and our prices reflect the unique talent that our writers bring to the table.



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Tight university schedules mean dissertations are often prepared against the clock. An error in your references, or perhaps a page which your tired eyes missed during proofreading, could be the difference between a fail and a pass.

Our writers are veterans. Their perceptive attention – as well as subsequent quality control – mean that no such mistakes are allowed to stand. The nuances of making such a lengthy paper engaging, with proper flow, are second nature to them. With these subtle differences in place, failing is no longer something to worry about.

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There’s a huge difference between “cheap” and “great value”; our services are no exception. We employ only the very best writers, and they must be fairly compensated for their time. Even if you’re satisfied by the quality we provide, you may still have reservations over the cost.

There’s no need. You can easily pay in smaller installments as the paper progresses. Chapter by chapter, you can save money while being in total control of the project. If you are ever unhappy, you can pull the plug, no extra charges.

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