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Psychology is an interdisciplinary study area that focuses on the human mind and behavior. It seeks to carry out this study from different perspectives. Psychology, no doubt, is an interesting study area where you will be exposed to a lot you don’t know about yourself. As interesting as it is, it is also a complex field of study that presents students with difficult and demanding tasks.

Human beings are very complex to understand. The mind is an intrinsic part of humans and can be considered the most complex part to study. Therefore, psychology which seeks to study the human mind is an attempt to toll the complex path.

Just as the journey of a thousand miles starts with a step, the writing journey equally starts with a topic. The first step is considered the most difficult to take and so is choosing your psychology research topics. Since this is the challenge many students faced, we have compiled a lot of psychology topics. Here you will find the best topics for your next psychology research paper. 


Psychology Research Paper Topics for College Students

Students in colleges who study psychology will eventually write a research paper on it. This act allows them to showcase their understanding of the course. More so, writing a research paper helps you to further discover new things in your course of study. Here are the ten best psychology research topics for college students;

  1. What is the relationship between homelessness and human mental health?
  2. Research on the psychological effects of hate crime.
  3. Quitting a bad habit: What are the psychological and emotional effects?
  4. Analyzing the consequences of bad relationships on human health, emotion, and psychology.
  5. What are the psychological consequences of miscarriage on the woman and the couple?
  6. Sport psychology: What are the importance and health benefits?
  7. Attractive people and how they deal with an unfair advantage in a social gathering.
  8. Military interrogation and the application of psychology.
  9. What mental and emotional effects does abortion has on women?
  10. Research on major depression and Gut microbiota.


Social Psychology Research Topics

Psychology and sociology are sparsely interwoven. Social psychology is the study of man and his reaction to his society. It studies how man relates to people and things in his social environment. Here is a list of social psychology research topics;

  1. How to handle bereavement without endangering your health.
  2. What does the theory of self-illusion mean?
  3. Research on the effects of personal Identity on interpersonal relationships.
  4. Illness, its effect on human psychology, and how to adjust during illness.
  5. What are the influences of the environment on human personality?
  6. Dealing with learning difficulties in kids and adults.
  7. Social relationships and the role of genetic influences.
  8. Research on how addiction can revolve in the family.
  9. Co-operating relationships and how it positively impacts society.
  10. The roles of society on child emotional and psychological development.


Good Psychology Research Topics in Politics

Psychology has its roles in politics. It is a major tool to understand the human mind and possibly evaluate its reach. As such, leaders adopt psychology as an important leadership tool. Here are political topics in psychology to research;

  1. The application of psychology in the history of politics.
  2. What is the importance of political philosophies?
  3. The psychology of politics and war.
  4. Analyzing the strengths and limitations of totalitarianism.
  5. Power and morality: Is it true that absolute power corrupts absolutely?
  6. Research on the psychology of democracy.
  7. Religion psychology and political psychology: Identifying the similarities and the differences.
  8. Comparative research on globalization and nationalism.
  9. The psychology of human rights and counter-terrorism.
  10. Research on different electoral systems and the psychology behind them.


Forensic Psychology Research Topics

Establishing facts and evidence is a critical action that involves the human mind. Proper investigation using technological innovation is finding expression in different sectors. The combination of forensics and psychology has helped to provide solutions to some crimes. Here are forensics psychology topics to research;

  1. Psychological trends and patterns in juvenile crime.
  2. Research on how effective rehabilitation is on hardened criminals.
  3. Sex offenders and the misconception about their psychology.
  4. Homegrown terror groups: psychology evaluation of the increase rate and its causes.
  5. Reliability of eyewitness accounts and factors affecting them.
  6. Predictive policies: Analyzing their pros and cons.
  7. What is criminal recidivism and what are its risk factors?
  8. Psychological demystification of serial killers.
  9. Copycat crime and its psychology.
  10. How much violence can affect human mental health and psychology?


Cognitive Psychology Research Topics

There is a part of the human brain known for cognitive function. It is a mental function that deals with logic unlike the mind that deals with emotions. A cognitive psychology paper helps you analyze the logical reasoning of man. The following are cognitive psychology research paper topics to consider;

  1. Research on the human mind and brain during judgment and decision making.
  2. Research on possible ways to improve concentration and memory.
  3. Attention span in children: How last is to and how to enhance it.
  4. What is repressed memory?
  5. The human brain when it comes to money-making?
  6. Cognitive development studies and the theory of color psychology.
  7. Critical thinking: Definition and how to measure it.
  8. Research on the difference between implicit and explicit memory.
  9. Research on factors affecting human problem-solving ability.
  10. What is the psychology behind speech and language development?


Developmental Psychology Research Topics

Human beings experience a gradual change day after day. The developmental phases are known as infancy, adolescence, and adulthood. There is an accompanying change in psychology for each of these phases. Here are developmental research topics for a psychology research paper;

  1. The unknown roles of media in enhancing violence among youth.
  2. Self-connection: Using the mirroring technique to achieve this.
  3. The influence of parents on children’s behavioral and developmental patterns.
  4. Bullying in school and how it affects a child’s psychology.
  5. Language learning: Factors responsible for the ability and inability to learn new languages.
  6. Aging and its psychological effects.
  7. Midlife crisis in men and women: Evaluating the similarities and the differences.
  8. Research on the relationship between age and memory.
  9. Child abuse as a social problem, the psychological effects, and the factors responsible for it.
  10. Developmental disabilities and their genetics.


Experimental Psychology Research Topics

Experimental psychology entails psychological implications that can be seen and felt. These include psychological actions and their respective reactions. It also features human responses to certain actions in his environment. Here are top experimental research topics for psychology;

  1. What are the influences and implications of different colors in learning?
  2. The psychology of colors: Research on the psychological effects of different colors.
  3. Analyzing how creative people see the world.
  4. Addiction to drugs and addiction to social media: Analyzing the psychology of the two addictions.
  5. Research on the possibility of colors affecting moods.
  6. The interrelationships between smell and taste.
  7. The role conformity plays in influencing behaviors.
  8. The Stroop effect and its interpretation of the human mind.
  9. What psychological influence does listening to music have on the human mind?
  10. Analyzing human tastes and what it says about personalities.


Criminal Psychology Research Topics

Criminal behavior is a psychological abnormality. Some crimes are also a result of a mental and emotional imbalance. You can write a research paper on any of these criminal psychology topics. Here are crime-related research topics in psychology;

  1. Neuroticism: Identifying the key personality traits that can help predict criminal behavior.
  2. Evaluating the psychological difference in a juvenile and adult offender.
  3. What are the risks in detaining a juvenile offender with an adult offender?
  4. Analyzing restraining factors and associated criminal intentions.
  5. How to determine criminal recidivism by analyzing preparation for past crimes.
  6. Analyzing different cases of serial killers: what are the identifiable patterns?
  7. Research on needs for societal inclusion of criminals after release: Social and emotional needs.
  8. Research on how psychological affliction can cause criminal behavior.
  9. Criminal act degree of control and its usefulness in criminal profiling.
  10. Psychological effects of imprisonment on criminals: Analyzing effects such as the feeling of remorse, self-pity, anger, injustice, disappointment, and fatalism.


Easy Psychology Research Topics

Psychology is regarded as a complex study area. This assumption is because it has a wide scope which may be difficult for students to cover. However, some topics have been streamlined to make up for easy research writing. Here are some easy topics for a psychology research paper;

  1. Tajfel and Turner: Analyzing the two common social identity theories.
  2. What is the importance of strong self-perception?
  3. Research writing on the difference in the brain function of a man and a woman.
  4. Is there a change in brain function when someone is in love?
  5. Research on the relationship between PTSD and Alzheimer’s diseases.
  6. Evaluating the MRI of an autistic brain.
  7. Sleep paralysis: Potential cause and effects.
  8. Continued sleep disruption and REM phase.
  9. Dementia: Identify the causes, symptoms, and treatments.
  10. What is multiple personality disorder and how to treat it?


Best Undergraduate Research Topics Psychology

As an undergraduate student studying psychology or any related course, there may be a need to write a psychology paper. It is best to choose a simplified topic that is associated with your level. Here are psychology research paper ideas for undergraduate students;

  1. Identifying the links between aging and mental illness.
  2. What are the effects of bullying on the psychology of a kid?
  3. Evaluating the chances of making sexiest jokes by insecure men.
  4. Application of hypnosis to the effect of quitting smoking.
  5. Analyzing the relationship between obesity and mental health.
  6. Identifying different types of social interaction.
  7. Divorce: What are the psychological effects on children?
  8. Evaluating the difference between morality and law.
  9. The effect of postpartum depression on children.
  10. Socialization and its associated health benefits.


Clinical Psychology Research Topics

Psychology has a great influence on health. Some psychological actions have health and clinical implications. Students who studied health-related courses can write a research paper in psychology. The following are health psychology research topics;

  1. What is Agoraphobia and how to overcome it?
  2. Research on the application of psychology in pain management.
  3. The psychology of eating disorders in adolescents and adults.
  4. Chronic insomnia: What are the symptoms and possible treatments?
  5. Cognitive-behavioral program and its health and psychology implications for criminals.
  6. Attention deficit disorder in adults: What are the symptoms and treatments?
  7. What is the difference and relationship between mood swings and mental disorders?
  8. Analyzing the relationship between PTSD and abusive relationships.
  9. Antidepressants and their psychological consequences.
  10. Effective therapies in treating different addictions.


Personality Psychology Research Topics

Psychology is the study of human behavioral patterns. These behaviors essentially made up the human personality. If you are going to write about personality psychology, there are topics to consider. The following are interesting psychology research topics that deal with human personality;

  1. Heroism and its associated human characters.
  2. Identifying the relationship between human temperaments and creativity.
  3. Analyzing the likelihood of change in character after marriage.
  4. Research to validate the theory of whether leaders are born or made.
  5. Analyzing the effectiveness and shortcomings of authoritarian leadership.
  6. Analyzing the difference in personality in an athletic and non-athletic person and the factors responsible.
  7. Choice of pet and its psychological implications on your personality.
  8. Research on whether people with opposite personalities attract each other.
  9. The relationship between prosocial behavior and human personality.
  10. What are the factors that influence different personalities in humans?


Child Psychology Research Topics

Child psychology is a very important aspect of psychology. It is believed that human behavioral patterns are best altered when at a young age. Child psychology also features children’s emotional and psychological development. Here are child psychology research paper topics;

  1. Adoption and its psychological consequences on a child’s mental and emotional health.
  2. Child depression: Definition of term and factor responsible for it.
  3. Analyzing obesity risk in abandoned children.
  4. Common mental health challenges in children and factors responsible.
  5. Child development stage and a psychological evaluation of each phase.
  6. How watching video games can influence a child’s behavior and risk of violent behavior.
  7. The Psychological effect of torture on children.
  8. Child abuse: psychological implications on the child, consequence on the society, and how to control.
  9. Introversiveness in children and the factors responsible for it.
  10. Birth order and how it impacts a child’s personality.


Abnormal Psychology Research Topics

Human behavior can be considered either as normal or abnormal. There is a psychology that is responsible for human behavior. Abnormal psychology features abnormal thoughts, behavior, and reactions in humans. Here are the best abnormal psychology research paper ideas;

  1. The psychology of suicidal thoughts and how to avoid them.
  2. Narcissism: Factors responsible for its growth and impact on society.
  3. What are phobias and what are the implications on human personality and emotions?
  4. Differentiating between PTSS and PTSD.
  5. The psychology of lying and the consequent effect on the liar’s mental health.
  6. What causes brain disorders in teenagers and what are the correction chances?
  7. Eating disorder in adults: causes and way out.
  8. What are the psychological and mental implications of stalking?
  9. Deviant behavior in the workplace: causes and how it triggers colleagues’ responses.
  10. Separation anxiety in adults and how to maintain it. 


Sports Psychology Research Topics

Sport is a human activity with a great level of psychology. There is a relationship between mental health, emotional health, and sport. As such, you can choose to write a psychology research paper on sport. Listed below are sports topics in psychology to research; 

  1. Sports psychology and the recent trends.
  2. What is team chemistry in sports and why is it more important than skill?
  3. Research on the evolution of sports psychology.
  4. Coaching in sport and its associated challenges.
  5. Sportsman emotion: How to balance and control one’s emotion as a sportsman.
  6. Dealing with stress as a sportsperson.
  7. Analyzing the attributes of a good football Coach.
  8. Appropriate behaviors athletes must display and their respective importance.
  9. Identifying the importance of good chemistry in sport.
  10. Building team confidence and how a coach can achieve this goal.


Educational Psychology Research Topics

Education is about teaching and learning. These two actions make use of the human brain and mind. Educational psychology seeks to evaluate how the mind captures ideas and registers them in the brain. It also studies learning ability and disability. Here are a few educational research topics in psychology;

  1. Motivation in teaching and why it is important to keep students in high spirits.
  2. Showing affection to children and how it is essential to enhance their cognitive ability.
  3. Bullying among students and the consequence of damaging students’ self-esteem.
  4. What is the effect of listening to music on students’ cognitive ability?
  5. What is operant conditioning and how does it work?
  6. The educational psychology definition of learning.
  7. Research on demand for adult psychology.
  8. Achievement gap among students and factors responsible for it.
  9. The relationship between academic success and self-esteem.
  10. Dyslexia in students and psychology approach to dealing with it.


Cultural And Experimental Research Topics in Psychology

Human culture deals with belief systems which are a function of the mind. Dominating cultures have learned to take advantage of human psychology to spread their ideologies. Cultures are experimental as they influence human behavior, speaking, dressing, and other activities. The following cultural psychology research ideas;

  1. The different use of social media as it relates to cultural background.
  2. How do different cultures handle humor?
  3. Internet buying behavior and different cultural approaches.
  4. Beauty in the digital age versus cultural orientation of beauty.
  5. Motherhood: Research on different perceptions from different cultures.
  6. The role of culture in psychology and why it is important?
  7. How different cultures handle and respond to death.
  8. Psychology challenges and benefits of living in a multicultural environment.
  9. What is the relationship between culture and education?
  10. Multinational industries and how culture has impacted the business.


Behavioral Psychology Research Topics

The whole of human behavior has been said to be a function of human psychology. The mind is the seat of decision-making while the brain sponsors the activity. Every normal and abnormal behavior has psychological implications. If you are writing a behavioral psychology research paper, you should consider the following topics;

  1. The psychology of communication and how to maintain good communication skills.
  2. Seasonal depression: Identifying the trigger and dealing with it.
  3. Exercising and its benefits of altering human behavior.
  4. How grief and loss can alter human behavioral patterns.
  5. What is mood freezing and what are the psychological implications?
  6. The concept of double foot-in-door and how it is applied in human manipulation.
  7. How skipping breakfast can change a kid’s behavioral pattern.
  8. Psychology of aggressive behavior and how it can be controlled.
  9. How human associations and groups can positively or negatively influence human behavior.
  10. How social status can influence behavioral patterns such as obedience and compliance?


High School Psychology Research Topics

High school students are not exempted from writing psychology research. It is best to have a clue about psychology as a high school student. For high school students, the best topics to consider are simplified ones. The following bare simplified psychology topics a high school student should consider;

  1. Dating violence among teenagers: what are the causes and consequences on the victims?
  2. Torture and its psychological and mental effect on teenagers.
  3. Explanation of bipolar disorder and evaluating the different types.
  4. Factors that affect memory and cognitive ability.
  5. The effects of depression on academic performance and work productivity.
  6. The effect of stress on the human body and mental health.
  7. Attractiveness and associated challenges.
  8. The effectiveness of divorce counseling and its psychological approach.
  9. The psychology of motivation and the factors affecting it.
  10. PTSD in humans and the quality of life.


Counseling Psychology Research Topics

Counseling is an activity that explicitly deals with the human mind. A high level of psychology is involved in counseling. A counseling student must understand and write about the concept of psychology. The following are psychology research topics on counseling research; 

  1. Effectiveness of counseling psychology for a patient of addiction.
  2. The application of counseling in dealing with PTSD.
  3. Research on the possibility of taking a man out of smoking.
  4. Counseling session for a depressed person and the right approach.
  5. The effectiveness of counseling in pre and post-divorce.
  6. The effectiveness of therapy and counseling sessions for a person with mental health challenges.
  7. The schizophrenia psychological challenge and counselor’s coping mechanism.
  8. The possibility of achieving a mentally stable environment through counseling programs.
  9. Counseling sessions for breast cancer patients and the best approach.
  10. Dealing with suicidal thoughts in a counselor’s way.


Psychology Research Topics in Dreams

Dreams are activities in the human mind that occurs during sleep. There are psychological implications of dreams. Psychology students can write beautiful research papers that have to do with dreams. Here are the best psychological topics on dreams to consider;

  1. Research on the connection between dreams and the human soul.
  2. Apart from fantasy, are there any separate meanings to dreams?
  3. Disturbing dreams: Why do they happen and how to avoid them?
  4. What is the psychology behind dreams?
  5. Research on the possibility of turning dreams into reality.
  6. Evaluate what your dreams say about you using dream psychology.
  7. What is the impact of dreams on human social life?
  8. What are the associated health benefits of dreams?
  9. Violent dreams and their psychological implications.
  10. Research what happens when you dream.


Controversial Psychology Research Topics

Psychology can be controversial. Since it studies the abstract part of a man, it includes theories difficult to comprehend. Hence, controversies arise when balance cannot be struck. The following are some of the most controversial topics in psychology for research;

  1. Homosexuality: Psychological views and the controversies surrounding it.
  2. Ethics of the Milgram experiment and the surrounding debates.
  3. Analyzing if the Stanford Prison experiment was ethical.
  4. Research shows how parents can have more influence on children’s mental health than other factors.
  5. Controversies surrounding the use of social websites among teenagers.
  6. Intimate relationship and the intrusion of domestic violence.
  7. The effect of trauma on a child and how to deal with it.
  8. Analyzing whether homosexuality is a psychological disorder.
  9. Fetishes: Psychological implications and associated behavior.
  10. Sexual orientation disorder and the psychological imbalance.



Psychology is a broad course of study. It is equally associated with other study areas in sciences, social science, and government. This broadness results in the complexity involved in writing a research paper in this field. Students who find it hard to carry out extensive research will be unable to come up with the best psychology research paper.

One of the hardest parts of writing a research paper is choosing a topic. However, we have made this simple enough by providing you with a variety of topics you can consider. You can find over 200 topics of psychology relating to different subjects and courses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a good psychology research proposal?
To write a good psychology research proposal, start by defining your research question and hypothesis, then provide a concise summary of the relevant literature. Next, detail your research methods and data analysis plan, and finally, discuss the potential implications of your research.
Where can I find interesting psychology topics?
To find interesting psychology topics, consider current issues in the field, gaps in the literature, and topics that align with your interests. Look for inspiration in academic journals, news articles, and online forums. Consult with your instructor or academic advisor for guidance.