How to Write a 10-Page Paper: Helpful Tips & Tricks

How to Write a 10-Page Paper (1)

Writing a 10-page paper is not always easy. This task is even more challenging when a student has a limited time to complete it. Even learners that are excellent at managing time find this assignment challenging. Nevertheless, you can handle this assignment if you know the right approach.

Also, don’t get anxious and nervous when assigned this task. Instead, take your time to plan and then focus on following the instructions provided by the educator. This article explains various aspects and ways of completing this task even when you have a tight deadline.

What is a 10-Page Paper?

As the name suggests, this academic writing assignment is a paper comprising 10-pages. Like most academic paper writing assignments, this task can have writing prompts, instructions, and a guiding rubric among other materials. So, before you start writing this paper, take your time to understand the assignment.

Ideally, start writing this paper when you know what your educator wants you to do. Also, understand how the educator will grade you on it. If unsure about the requirements of your assignment, ask your educator. Your teacher will be glad to clarify the assignment details for you even before you select a topic for your paper. And this will help you remain on track throughout the writing process.

How to Write a 10-Page Paper

To write your 10-page paper more efficiently, start by organizing your writing process. Proper organization is key to the successful completion of this assignment. Therefore, take your time to decide how you will write this paper based on the instructions and deadline provided by the educator.

Here’s what you should focus on when organizing your writing process:

  • Topic selection
  • Creating your 10-page research paper outline
  • Finding sources and researching
  • Writing a thesis statement
  • Actual writing and formatting
  • Proofreading the paper

These are the most important steps in the process of writing this paper. Following them will enable you to complete this task more efficiently. However, the steps you follow when writing your paper may vary depending on your topic.

Selecting 10-Page Research Paper Topics

Students have many 10-page paper topics to consider when assigned this academic task. This step of the writing process requires careful identification of the issue to research or investigate and write about. Essentially, students should select topics they find interesting and worth exploring.

In some cases, educators provide a prompt that makes the topic clear. However, some teachers allow learners the freedom to select their research topics. If you have limited time to complete this assignment, pick a topic you’re knowledgeable about.

A topic you’re familiar with will be easier to research and write about. Otherwise, picking a complex topic will require you to spend more time researching. Additionally, this task will be more complex if you select a topic you do not feel strongly about. Therefore, choose a familiar topic for which you can easily find valuable information.

Here are sample topics you can choose for this paper:

  1. Why employees need shorter working weeks
  2. Why using animal for research experiment is unethical
  3. Why learning institutions should make STEM subjects mandatory
  4. Why homework needs to be abolished
  5. Effects of terrorism on businesses
  6. Importance of leadership education in high school
  7. Effective ways to acquire college tuition fees
  8. The internet future
  9. How to reduce air pollution
  10. Using creative marketing to increase sales

Creating a 10-Page Research Paper Outline

Like most academic papers, a 10-page research paper outline is the skeleton of the final write-up.  How you outline your paper should depend on the assignment requirements. If your educator asked you to present the outline first, follow the requirements, guidelines, and examples they may have provided. If the educator didn’t ask you to turn in your outline first, don’t skip this step because it’s very important to the efficient and successful completion of your assignment.

Drafting an outline is about structuring the paper. Therefore, avoid being too formulaic. Follow a simple 10-page research paper outline template to decide how you will present the main points to support your thesis. For instance, if the assignment requires you to introduce your topic and then explain your opinions to support your thesis, you will need at least three sections.

How Long Should an Outline Be for a 10-Page Paper?

The outline of this paper can be as long as 4, 5, or more parts. The length of the outline should depend on the ideas you want to advance and their depth. As such, there is no specific length for the outline of this paper.

When creating your outline, think about the ideas you want to communicate or explain in the paper. Additionally, consider a structure that will enable you to accomplish this in an organized and clear manner. An ideal 10-page research paper outline format can have these three main sections.

  • Introduction: This section introduces the topic to the readers. It also has a hook that catches the reader’s attention and makes them want to read on. You can also include your thesis statement towards the end of the introductory part of the paper.
  • Body: This is the main section of the research paper. It contains the main points and their supporting evidence. All points in this part of the paper should have a logical connection.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion is the final part of the paper. It should wrap up everything you discussed in the other sections of the paper. Summarize what you told the audience in the conclusion.

Find Adequate Sources to Write a 10-Page Paper in One Night

One of the most effective ways to complete this task faster is by finding sources first. Perhaps, the question in your mind now is, how many sources for a 10-page paper? Well, you should have at least ten information sources in your literature review. That way, you can prove to the educator that you took the time to find sources and read the information in them before writing your paper.

Writing a 10-page paper in one night will be easier if you make brief notes summarizing the content of your sources. Also, follow your outline to ensure that you have adequate information to write about. After finding sources and researching, come up with a thesis statement based on your topic and the information you’ve collected. Your thesis statement should be based on the direction you wish to take when writing your paper.

Note that it is also possible to write a 10-page paper in one night as long as you make up your mind to achieve this feat. The mind has a way of compelling the body to work. Let us show you how you can write a 10-page paper in 3 hours!

How to Write a Ten-Page Paper in 3 Hours

Perhaps, you’re wondering whether it’s possible to write this paper within hours. Well, you can complete this assignment in as little as three hours. This means you can write a 10-page paper in one night. Once you’ve found sources, researched them, and summarized the information you want to present in your research paper, the writing process should be easy.

Start by free-styling based on your gathered information. Use the outline and thesis statement as your guidelines. Don’t think about grammar when writing the paper. Instead, focus on including all relevant information or your main points and their supporting evidence in your paper. You will edit your research paper later after writing.

Make sure that your research paper follows the outline. Ideally, include an introduction with a thesis statement, the body with main points and supporting ideas, and the conclusion that wraps up the entire message or argument.

Proofread and edit your paper once you’re done writing. Check for grammar, spelling, typos, and factual errors. You can take a break after writing and then come back to edit to easily catch all errors. However, if your goal is to finish your 10-page paper in one night, then you can do the review immediately and get it done.

How Many Words is a 10-Page Paper?

In most cases, this paper comprises 5,000 words. However, a 10-page paper word count can range from 4,500 to 5,000 words. The spacing of the sentences on a page also determines the length of a paper.

For instance, a 5,000-word research paper can have 10-pages if it’s single-spaced. When double spaced, the same paper can have 20 pages. Therefore, talk to your educator if unsure about the number of words to include in your research paper. The spacing specified by your educator should tell you how many words in a ten-page paper they expect you to write.

How Long Does It Take to Write a 10-Page Paper Double Spaced?

Perhaps, you’re wondering how long it will take to write a 10-page paper. Well, the time required to write this paper depends on your typing speed. For instance, if you can type 40 words per minute, you can take an hour to write this research paper. That’s because you need 2,500 words only.

However, if the educator wants you to write a single-spaced paper, it will take around two hours. That’s because your research paper will have around 5,000 words. Nevertheless, start by organizing the task, finding adequate sources, and researching to make the task easier to complete.

How Long Does It Take to Write a 10-Page Paper with Assistance?

You can take less than an hour to write this paper with professional assistance. If you seek the assistance of a parent, guardian, friend, or online professionals, writing this paper can take even a shorter time. That’s because you can combine efforts or have experienced professionals do the hard work for you. For instance, online academic writers are specialists that know where and how to find sources. They are also familiar with the best data collection methods. And this enables them to easily find and analyze information for writing academic paper and page essay.

So, if you don’t know how to write a ten-page paper and you’re afraid of missing the set submission deadline, seek assistance. Talk to your parent, guardian, or friend about the assignment to see if they can help. Unfortunately, you might not be lucky to have such people ready to or capable of helping you. But this doesn’t mean you fail to beat the deadline or submit a poorly written research paper. Instead, use the internet to complete this assignment faster and with ease.

The internet has many sources that you can use to write your paper. You can also hire experts to write and edit the research paper and page essay for you in less than an hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I narrow down my research topic for a 10-page paper?
Begin by brainstorming ideas and choosing a specific topic that is interesting and easy to research. Conduct preliminary research to determine if enough information is available on the topic and consider narrowing your topic by focusing on a specific aspect or perspective.
How do I organize my 10-page paper?
Start with an outline that includes an introduction, thesis statement, main points, and conclusion. Then, divide your paper into sections with clear headings and subheadings. Use transitions between paragraphs to connect ideas and maintain coherence. Remember to cite your sources properly and include a reference page.