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80 Commemorative Speech Topics for Different Occasions

A commemorative speech is a kind of talk usually given at special events to celebrate a person, group, event, situation, place, institution, ideas e.t.c. It is commonly used to recall someone or something/to show respect.

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Commemorative Speech Topics

A List of Unique Art Research Paper Topics

Art is an exciting field of study, and research in this area is fun to do. We have identified the different areas and the possible topics you can research on. Art is a broad area of study but choosing a topic is not as difficult as you think. With the right guide, you can find interesting topics for your thesis. We have some tips to get you on the right path. We also provide you with some tips on how to choose a research topic in the arts.

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art research paper topics

Top Social Media Research Topics from Experts

Using social networking platforms is not a new thread. It has existed for a few decades and will continue to exist for years to come. Without a doubt, it is possible to conclude that anyone reading this article is registered with a social media company for a chat, hookups, dates, connections, or any reason at all.

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Social media research topics

Hot Marketing Research Topics for College Students

Choosing the best marketing research topics is not easy. That’s because marketing is a study field with many aspects. As such, selecting the topics to write about puts many learners in a challenging situation. This article provides some of the best marketing topics to write about. Whether you’re pursuing your graduate, undergraduate, master’s, or Ph.D. studies, you will find ideal marketing topics for research in this article.

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marketing research topics

Finding the Best Senior Thesis Topics (List Included)

We know the most difficult part of writing a senior thesis is finding a great senior thesis topic. Unfortunately, finding good topics is increasingly difficult. Your classmates are scouring the Internet in search of the best topics. Most often, you end up picking a topic that has already been taken.

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senior thesis topic