Top Linguistics Research Topics For Students

Linguistics Research Topics

Linguistics is the study of language. The course of study seems exciting, but it is complex in its entirety. Researching this field of study demands in-depth research and adequate concentration. Finding great research topics in linguistics can be a big deal.

The study of language encompasses aspects such as phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics. You can find it challenging to identify excellent linguistic topics in these areas.

You might need to work on any research topics in sociolinguistics and other similar units of the course. Having discovered how tedious it can be, we have compiled top topics in linguistics for your consideration.

Interesting Linguistic Topics in Special Languages

There are over a million languages in the world. However, specific languages have been more widely spoken than others. The English language is considered to be the most spoken language all over the world.

Other languages such as French, Spanish, Chinese, Deutsch, and Portuguese are also relevant languages. Identified below are topics in linguistics you can consider in related to a few of these languages;

English Linguistics Research Topics

As a linguistics student, it is almost impossible not to research an English linguistics topic. Perhaps your subsequent research requires that you have a topic relating to English. You can consider the following topics;

  1. The factor behind the universal speaking of English
  2. The origin of the English language
  3. Why are there variations of the English language?
  4. Research on cognitive literacy in English poetry
  5. Research on people’s choice between English and indigenous language
  6. The effect of age on English pronunciation
  7. Post-Tudor English: The similarities and the differences

Spanish Research Topics Linguistics

The Spanish language is one of the most studied languages in universities. The Hispanic language is categorized into old Spain and modern Spain. As such, there are a lot of research topics to consider in this area. The following are linguistics research topics in the Spanish language;

  1. The history of the Hispanic language
  2. Adopting Spanish as a second language: Effects of formal instructions
  3. Research on models for Spanish phonology
  4. Spanish language acquisition: The effect of social factors
  5. Research on the history of the Hispanic language
  6. Research on the difference and similarities between the medieval and the modern Spanish language
  7. Research on the political and socio-cultural aspects of the Spanish language

Chinese Linguistics Research Topics

The Chinese language is the ancient language of the world has found preference in linguistics. There are different linguistics research topics you can consider as it relates to the Chinese language. Some of these topics are;

  1. Difference between mass nouns and count nouns in Mandarin Chinese
  2. Learning the Chinese language: Factors affecting proper acquisition of language
  3. Challenges in effective teaching of the Chinese language
  4. Research on the word ‘Chinese’: Its variations as a language and other referents
  5. Research on word stress in Chinese linguistics
  6. Research on English loan words in the Chinese language
  7. Analysis of sound patterns in southern and central Chinese

Linguistic Anthropology Research Topics

Language as a whole is anthropology study. Linguistics research paper topics at times may have to deal with holistic aspects of language. Hence, the following are anthropology research topics you may want to consider;

  1. The effect of mother’s tongue on the proper pronunciation of a second language
  2. Research on the origin of human language
  3. Human modes of communications aside from languages
  4. What are the uses of a language other than communication?
  5. Research on the relationship between culture and language
  6. The reasons behind speaking different languages
  7. Human growth and the acquisition of language

Linguistics Argumentative Research Topics

Languages are a universal subject. It is essential not to have a few things to disagree on regarding language and its uses. Different people have different dispositions to language and how it has been predicted either by culture or usage.

As such, you might need to carry out argumentative research in linguistics. The following are research topics for argumentative research;

  1. Did the primitive man communicate in language or signs?
  2. Is language the most impressive form of communication?
  3. Does learning more than one language enhance human reasoning?
  4. Is it possible for a brain injury to affect the acquisition of language?
  5. Is it possible for someone to come up with a new language at this age?
  6. Is it essential for a person to learn more than one language?
  7. The truth about the uniqueness of language to culture


Research Topics about Language History

The study of language is not complete without looking into human history. Every language has a history. As a result, most linguistics students tailor their research writing to the historical aspect of language. The following are historical linguistics paper topics you may consider;

  1. Research on the mythology analysis of language history
  2. The speculations and the truth about the origin of human language
  3. The contribution of Greek philosophy on language
  4. Research on different theories and evaluations on human language
  5. The unanswered questions about the origin of human language.
  6. Speculations on the evolution of man and his language
  7. Research on the ancient Greek and Latin language in relation to the English language.

Sociolinguistic Research Topics

Language, culture, and society are inseparable entities. The role of language in the formation of human society is consequential. Hence, linguistics takes sociocultural as it relates to language into studies. As such, linguistics students are bound to carry out sociolinguistic research. The following are linguistics essay topics as it relates to sociocultural;

  1. What are the roles of family and environment in language acquisition?
  2. Language and identity: The relationship and the misconception
  3. Ethnicity and language: The relationship and the disparities
  4. What roles does language play in achieving unity in society?
  5. Factors responsible for language variation within a community.
  6. Multilingual language choice and its benefits on society
  7. Sociolinguistic and its impact on social change and community development.

Computational Linguistics Research Topics

Computational linguistics is a sub-course for students studying linguistics. It is the study of language using statistical modeling and computational perspective. It can be a tedious aspect of linguistics for research. However, we have compiled research topics in languages you can consider as far as computational linguistics is concerned. The topics are as follows;

  1. Analyzing medieval German language and poetry using supervised learning
  2. Research on the performance measures of speech recognition
  3. Research on how to find the dataset for Schizophrenia text
  4. The effectiveness of computational linguistics in suggesting inter-language contrastive corpus evaluation
  5. Danish verb extraction: The where and the how
  6. Research on most viable computer-assisted software for comparison of phonetics in different dialects
  7. Multidimensional analysis of linguistics: The definition and the characteristics

University Honors Topics in Linguistics

University students, especially undergraduates, are expected to write a lot of research papers. The research on each topic allows students to have a broader scope of what they have learned.

Having outstanding evaluations and grades for your research paper can enhance graduating as an exceptional student. The following research paper topics about language can be regarded as potential honors topics;

  1. The negative and the positive effect of computers on modern-day language
  2. Social media and text messages: The new language subculture
  3. Research on the connection of emotion, communication, and language
  4. How the brain works and the assimilation process while learning a new language
  5. The distinction between verbal and non-verbal communication
  6. Research on how political leaders employ languages as a tool for controlling the masses’ emotions
  7. The effect of technology on language and communication

Best Dissertation Topics in Linguistics

It is not all linguistics paper topics that are dissertation-worthy. Some are good for ordinary research papers and essays. A linguistics topic meant for dissertation writing must be a topic with the capacity for a comprehensive exposition.

Writing a Ph.D. thesis in linguistics must feature a compelling topic and in-depth analysis in the paper. The following research topics in language are potential dissertation topics;

  1. The system review of vowel pronunciation in the United Kingdom as compared to the United States
  2. The evolution of slang and colloquial words
  3. The effect of age in English language pronunciation
  4. The use of sociolinguistic media in creating bias and for competition
  5. Eye-tracking technology: What it is and its effect on applied language advancement
  6. Comprehensive research on methods of applied linguistics
  7. Language barrier in healthcare delivery: The effect and the solutions


Linguistics is a field of study with a broad scope. Researching this field can be a demanding one. The problem is half solved when you have been able to secure the best topic. However, you must ensure the topic chosen is related to the research assigned.

Developing your research paper starts with brainstorming on the linguistics research topic. This act helps generate ideas needed to develop tangible arguments. Furthermore, you can do research online or consult materials that could be helpful.

Generally speaking, writing a research paper can be demanding. Hence, you may want to seek the help of professional writers to handle your research paper writing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of linguistics research topics?
Examples of linguistics research topics include language acquisition, language processing, and language variation and change. Other excellent linguistic research topics include language analysis and interpretation, linguistic typology, sociolinguistics, pragmatics, and discourse analysis.
How do I choose a linguistics research topic?
Choose a linguistics research topic based on your interests, previous coursework, and potential research gaps in the field. You can also consult with your advisor or professors to narrow down your options and refine your research question.