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Animals, of course is what almost everyone can relate with. However, you may never know you don’t know much about animals until your professor ask you to write a research paper on animals. Then you will begin to realize you have limited or no idea about some animals you have seen regularly.

Animal research paper may not be as easy as you think. Getting the right topic idea before the proper writing is as difficult as writing itself. Since you are writing about a general subject such as animals, the most impressive thing is to write about a seemingly unpopular idea about animals. This will make your research paper more valuable and commendable.

Your next question will then be, how do I get the right animal research topics? No doubt, it seems difficult to get the right topic to write about animals. However, we have helped to compile the best topics to consider in your next research paper. In this piece, you will find several topics for different types of essays and research papers.


Easy Animals Research Topics

There is no doubt about it, there are topics that can be considered as easy for research writing. Such topics are easy to research and develop. Students who do not enjoy tedious research will rather go for this kind of topic. The following are easy animal research paper topics you can consider;

  1. What is an Asiatic horse breed and what are its characteristics?
  2. Dog vs cat: What are the similarities and differences between these two pets?
  3. Simple ways to train a pony quickly.
  4. Can Polar bears be seen at the South Pole?
  5. Identifying the top 3 weirdest animals on Earth and their characteristics.
  6. What is poaching and what are the negative effects?
  7. What are penguins and why are they known as flightless birds?
  8. An in-depth analysis of Africa and its vast wildlife.
  9. What are migratory birds: Identifying the classification and characteristics.
  10. Poaching and its negative effects on wildlife and methods to discourage it.


Best Animal Research Topics and Questions

Every research paper must be able to give answers to a research question. In the case of animals, some questions beg for answers that can be considered for research writing. These kinds of questions present your research writing as a valid and relatable one. You can consider the following animal research questions in your next paper writing;

  1. Testing of antibiotics on animals: is it appropriate or the wrong approach?
  2. The extinction of dinosaurs: what are the factors responsible for their extinction?
  3. What is an exotic pet and how do you care for it?
  4. What is a better pet between a dog and a cat?
  5. What animal should be considered the largest predator and what are its characteristics?
  6. Keeping animals in zoos: will you consider this inhumane treatment?
  7. Do humans have the right to kill animals and what are animal rights?
  8. Hunting for sport: Is this activity improper and should it be banned?
  9. What are endangered species and how can they be protected?
  10. Exotic pets in the United Kingdom: What are the excesses and why should they be banned?


Simple Animal Topics for Research Papers on Animal Rescue

Animal rescue is an important discussion on animals in recent times. There are mixed submissions about this subject and these discussions have given birth to a lot of controversies. Addressing any of such topics in your research paper writing proves your knowledge about animals. Here are topics on animal rescue you can consider for your research writing;

  1. Rescuing animals in need or danger: what we should all know.
  2. A simple review of the Australian bushfire and its effects on wildlife.
  3. Poor social skills in rescuing animals and how to develop effectiveness.
  4. A simple review of wildfire in the United State and the consequent effect on wildlife.
  5. Rescuing dogs in the military: what are the resources guarding problems and how to address them?
  6. Analyzing the lack of proper veterinary care for rescued animals.
  7. What is an anxiety problem in animals using rescuing dogs as a case study?
  8. Evaluating rescue cats and their destructive problem.
  9. Analyzing the end of life of rescue animals: What eventually happened to these animals?
  10. Inadequate screening for the adoption of rescue animals and its effects on the entire process.


Animal Research Project Ideas College

College students who study animal science-related courses are likely to write often about animals. As such, there should be a dedicated topic section for college students. Writing about animals as a college student is no less than writing as a university student. However, college students should consider writing on the following topics about animals;

  1. Should a college student consider having a pet and what pet is the best consideration?
  2. Tardigrades: Do tardigrades live in space and how do they survive?
  3. Evaluating the process of using snake venom in the production of anticancer drugs.
  4. What are the factors to consider before buying your kids a pet?
  5. Analyzing the animal fight in the United Kingdom and the effect on animal rights.
  6. What are psychological issues present in zoo animals?
  7. Cats’ vaccination: What are the effects and why is it important?
  8. Evaluating animals in extreme weather conditions: What are their features and adaptation methods?
  9. Lab mice: why are these animals considered a perfect fit for experiments?
  10. What are dog vaccines and what is their importance?


Best Dog Research Topics

Dogs by far seem to be the most popular animals and pets on Earth. There are a lot of interesting things to explore about this unique animal. You may then want to write some research papers on dogs and their uniqueness. Here are research topics about dogs to consider;

  1. Research paper on the evolution of dogs from Gray Wolf.
  2. Dog as a human best pet ever: What are the factors responsible for dog wide acceptance as the best pet?
  3. All you need to know about classical conditioning and how to teach new tricks to your dog.
  4. What is ropeless dog lead and how feasible is this dog leading model?
  5. How to address the moral dilemma of incessant barking in dogs.
  6. Identifying the aggressive and unaggressive breeds of dogs and factors responsible for such behaviors.
  7. How does tail wagging signify the emotion and expression of happiness in dogs?
  8. What is animal-assisted therapy and how does your dog qualify for one?
  9. What is operant conditioning in dogs and what are the consequences?
  10. Why is a protection dog important and what breeds are the most suitable?


Animal Rights Topics for Research Paper

Animal rights have been one of the most trending topics about animals in recent times. While it is difficult to believe that animals have rights, a lot of people need to understand that they really do. Writing a research paper on animal rights can be an attempt to establish the truth about animals and their rights. The following are animal rights research topics to consider in your next research writing;

  1. Animal rights movement in the United State: an overview of the goals of the movement.
  2. Do animals require more rights and what should they be?
  3. An overview of animal rights in China and how effective it is.
  4. Discussing animal rights in the United Kingdom and evaluating the implementation so far.
  5. Does keeping animals in zoos violate animal rights and what are the best zoological practices?
  6. What are the violations of animal rights in fishing practices?
  7. What is the implication of animal rights on invasive species?
  8. Analyzing animal rights in Europe and what are the clauses that make up the right?
  9. Evaluating cow rights in India and Africa: what are the best practices to maintain animal rights?
  10. Can predator animals be killed without breaking animal rights rules?


Persuasive Essay Topics About Animals

Discussions on animals will either take the form of support or oppose the motion. While everyone may not have the same idea, persuasive essays help establish your idea in the best way to convince others. There are a lot of topics about animals that are best discussed in a persuasive essay. The following are persuasive animal topics to write about;

  1. Stopping deforestation and how it can help in preserving wildlife.
  2. A persuasive essay on stopping the eating of animal food to preserve animal life.
  3. What are the effects of global warming on wildlife and what we can do to ease the effect?
  4. What is using animals in circuses and why you should stop the act.
  5. What is pet insurance, does it worth it and why should you consider it?
  6. What are the negative effects of pollution on animals and what we should do to help the situation?
  7. Why should pet owners adopt their pets rather than buy them?
  8. Why you should not consider foxes as pets.
  9. Why you should stop eating pork and what are the health benefits attached to this action?
  10. Why you should get your pet a microchip for easy control and communication?


Argumentative Topics About Animals

An argumentative essay is the type of essay that seeks to argue out a point to convince others. The topic for such an essay must be one that allows for heated discussion on the subject of animals. There are quite a lot of animal topics that have generated debates over time. You can write an argumentative essay on the following research topics about animals;

  1. Do cats make the best pets as opposed to dogs?
  2. Why is it inappropriate to hold animals in captivity and what should be the right practices?
  3. Should exotic pet ownership be banned and why should this happen?
  4. Should a man feed wildlife and why?
  5. Debate on whether zoos should be more regulated and why?
  6. Debates on whether the Massai should be stopped from hunting lions and why?
  7. Are Hyenas becoming endangered species and arguing the causes.
  8. Why do we need more elephant sanctuaries and what is their importance?
  9. Debates on why dogs should be considered the best service animals and why?
  10. Arguing on the importance of flies to mankind as opposed to their disadvantages.


Veterinarian Research Paper Topics

Veterinarians are known to be the closest to animals. They are considered to have more understanding of animals than any other kind of person. As such, veterinarian subjects about animals must be more complex and detailed. Here are topics about animals for veterinarian research paper writing;

  1. Veterinarian: Explain the concept of veterinary and what are its unique functions?
  2. What are the dangers and the challenges of being a veterinary?
  3. How does a veterinarian explain Brucellosis?
  4. What are the most common health challenges of cats in the United Kingdom?
  5. Discussion on the recent biomedical research on animals.
  6. Poor veterinary care in rural Europe and the effects on animals.
  7. Identifying the technological breakthroughs in veterinary medicine and how they have enhanced animal care.
  8. Tapeworm infection in animals: what is the best approach to address it in dogs and cats?
  9. What is the veterinarian’s conclusion on using punishment for pet training purposes?
  10. What is mycotoxicosis and why are the implications on the health of animals?


Interesting Animal Research Topics

Animals research papers can be an interesting topic to discuss. Animals of course can be interesting to study in certain aspects. You must consider intriguing topics about animals to create an interesting animal research paper. The following are good topics for interesting animal research topics;

  1. Should mosquitoes be considered useless insects and what are the reasons?
  2. Analyzing the Lion pride of African wildlife.
  3. Exploring the anatomy of the hyena and what are its most striking features?
  4. What are Tardigrades: Exploring the features of this special animal.
  5. What is the IUCN red list of threatened species and what are the implications?
  6. Animal adaptation and survival in the desert: what features are responsible for the adaptation process?
  7. A cross-analysis of the butterfly life cycle and what are the interesting things to note?
  8. Dolphin: What factors make them intelligent animals as they are portrayed?
  9. Medical testing on animals: Is it a justifiable act or an inappropriate action?
  10. What are the unique features of monkeys that make tree climbing so easy for them?


Animal Topics About Your Favorite Pet

Writing about your favorite pet might be one of the easiest animal essay writings. Since you are close to your favorite pet, you should have more to say about the pet. As such, your writing must be written from a standpoint of a firsthand experience. The following are animal research paper topics good for your research writing on your favorite pet;

  1. What animal would you consider your favorite animal and why have you made the decision?
  2. Which animal can be considered the funniest animal and what are its characteristics?
  3. What features of the dog contribute to it being the most favorite pet of man?
  4. Should you consider owning an exotic pet? Why and why not?
  5. What can be considered the trait of your favorite animal?
  6. Can animals ever be loyal? Using a case study of your favorite animal.
  7. What is the best animal in the world and why will you consider it so?
  8. An essay on the death of your favorite pet and what led to the death.
  9. What animal would be your favorite pet if you could tame wildlife?
  10. Comparing dogs and cats: Which animal is best for pets and what are the reasons? 


Animal Research Topics for High School Students

High School students study a subject called animal science. This subject exposes them to some theories about animals and their characteristics. As such, high school students may write an essay or mini research on any animal of their choice. Here are some animal research topics high school students can consider;

  1. Expensive veterinary care: what factors are responsible for the high cost of service?
  2. Identifying the similarities and the difference between camels and dromedaries.
  3. Should high school students be allowed to come with their pets?
  4. Analyzing the conversion of wild animals to pets in the United States.
  5. What is a local animal shelter and how can you adopt animals from there?
  6. Can an elephant ever swim or it is just an assumption?
  7. First-hand comparison of a cat and dog from a student who has both as pets.
  8. Identifying irresponsible breeding of dogs and what are the consequences?
  9. Killer whale and how it hunts its prey.
  10. What is an Orangutan and analyzing its habitat loss?


Animal Abuse Research Topics

Animal rights advocates have over time insisted that animals are being abused. In fact, keeping animals in zoos is considered to be one such act of animal cruelty. Being a controversial topic, you can choose to write a research paper on it. Here are topics on animal abuse you can write about in your research paper;

  1. Prevailing animal abuse acts in the United States.
  2. What is the difference between animal abuse and animal cruelty?
  3. Animal abuses in China and what are the moves to curtail the act.
  4. What is animal hoarding behavior and what are the effects on animal health?
  5. The relationship between cruelty towards animals and their aggressive response.
  6. Can we consider animal testing as animal abuse?
  7. Analyzing animal neglect as a form of animal abuse.
  8. India and the rising case of animal abuse: Cow and bull as a case study.
  9. Animal fights and sports as a form of animal abuse and cruelty.
  10. An overview of the animal abuse law in the United States.


Endangered Animal Research Topics

Certain animals are considered to be endangered species. This is because due to manhunts and poaching they are becoming extremely rare. There are many of these animals and you can choose to write a research paper on any of them. Here are the best research questions about animals called endangered species;

  1. What is the whooping crane and can it be saved?
  2. The Bonobo monkey and how it can be saved from extinction.
  3. Peregrine falcon: Where was it found, what treatment is it subjected to, and how can it be preserved?
  4. What is the Galapagos penguin and what factors make it an endangered species?
  5. The black-footed ferret and its high chances of getting extinct.
  6. Whale shark: what are its vulnerabilities and the moves to save it from extinction?
  7. What is the monarch butterfly, where is it found, and how can it be preserved?
  8. What are the factors responsible for the dwindling population of the loggerhead sea turtle?
  9. The shout Asian dolphin, its vulnerability, and how it can be saved.
  10. Evaluating the extinction of the dinosaur and factors that may be responsible for this.


How Can I Get My Animal Research Paper?

Writing your animal research topics become an easy task when you have the right topic to research. You only do the task of carrying out research and developing your point. However, when you are a student with a lot of social activities alongside your academics, these simple tasks may seem cumbersome also.

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Research papers on animal topics are inevitable for students who study animal science, zoology, biology, and some other related courses. All levels of education including universities, colleges, and high school students can write on this subject matter. There are various subject matters in animal science to discuss and evaluate.

There is a lot of discourse such as animal abuse, animal rights, and animal cruelty that can be the central idea of a research paper. While some of these ideas might be difficult to analyze, having the right topics can make it a seamless task as it will give you headway. However, if you still find it difficult to write your research paper, you can order an animal research paper expert on our platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of animal research in scientific studies?
Animal research helps scientists understand how the human body works and how to develop new disease treatments. It also allows testing drugs and treatments for safety and efficacy before using them in humans.
What are the ethical considerations in animal research?
The ethical considerations in animal research involve ensuring that the animals are treated with respect and care, minimizing their pain and suffering, and using alternatives to animal testing whenever possible. Researchers must also justify the use of animals and follow strict guidelines and regulations to ensure their welfare.