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Top 10 Writing Tips to Cut a Path to Your PhD

Top 10 Dissertation Writing Tips

to Cut a Path to Your PhD


Just let it out

Making an early start is crucial. Just get some words on the page. Don't overthink it.


A draft is a draft

No one nails it the first time, so don't aim for perfection as soon as you start. Revise after it's written


Map it out

Use an outline, or a mindmap, to plan your work and keep track of your ideas and progress.


Don't rush into the unknown

First, write about what you're familiar with. You'll cover the terra incognita later.


Get some guidance

Seek as much feedback from your advisor as possible, just don't make it look like you're harassing them.


Write every day

That way, you never lose sight of your goals, and you'll arrive at your destination before you know it.


Change up

Don't sit at your desk all day. Go to the park or the cafe and try working from there.


Write fresh

Use the hours when your mind is clear and you are at your peak performance to do the work. Have fun later.


Walk in baby steps

Set small, specific, and realistic goals and make headway one page or one section at a time.


Stray from the path

Feel free to write out of order and always be prepared to go where your research leads you.