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Writing Cathy Introduction to a Thesis

Your thesis is likely to consist of dozens of pages of analysis, description and explanations. It will be backed up by pages more of citations and appendices, all carefully structured to make sure that any reader can verify your claims and reproduce your work. How successful it is, though, all relies on a couple of short paragraphs. If you haven't mastered the art of writing a good thesis introduction nobody will get beyond the first page and your work will be wasted. On the other hand if you get your introduction right your readers will be enthusiastic and eager to read on. That's your best chance of getting them to keep going to the end, where they can evaluate your conclusions for themselves and realize what a genius you are. If it helps, think of your thesis as a shop where you have ideas to sell. It doesn't matter how good the ideas are; nobody is going to buy them if they see a boring, tatty sign out front and walk on by. Your introduction is your chance to bring in customers with a bright, attractive sign. To help you get it right our experts at want to share a few suggestions on how to write thesis introduction sections.

The first key to writing a good thesis introduction is to ignore where it comes in the thesis. Never write the introduction first! In fact it should be the last piece of the thesis you write. The main purpose of the introduction is to tell people what the thesis says and give them an idea how it relates to their own interests. Obviously you can't outline what the rest of the thesis says if you haven't written it yet, therefore you have to do that - including the conclusion - before working up an introduction to let people know about it all. Take a look at a good thesis introduction example and you'll see how perfectly it leads into what follows; there won't be any false starts or dead ends, because it will have been written by someone who knows exactly what comes next. The next main thing you need to keep in mind is that the thesis should give a brief outline of your approach, methods and conclusions without revealing too much. After all if the introduction is too informative there is less of an incentive to read the rest. Finally you need to keep it tightly written and engaging; the introduction is not the place for wordiness.

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At we can help out of you're having some problems; as experts in how to write thesis introduction pages we know exactly what has to be done and we can show you how to do it. With a professionally written thesis introduction example from us you'll be able to see exactly how to go about it, and when you've got it written you can take advantage of our editing and proof reading services to make sure it's as good as it can be. Whatever you need to give your thesis the introduction it deserves, we can do it for you.