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Getting Started With A Thesis Abstract: Things You Should Consider

If you're working on a thesis you'll be familiar with how much information has to be included. It's quite a lot, because you need to tell the reader not just what your thesis is researching but exactly how you went about it and what results you obtained. That's all required so that another researcher can duplicate your work and check their results against yours, but it does make for a large document. This means it can be difficult to get an idea of what the thesis contains without reading a large part of it. A well written introduction can help give people an idea of the contents, but because of the structure of introductions a lot of information has to be left out. The best way to solve this problem is by writing a thesis abstract which people can read before starting your actual thesis. The abstract is basically a miniature version of the thesis and gives the reader a short but helpful outline.

It's easy to find a thesis abstract example online; simply search any library of dissertations or theses and usually what you'll be shown for each one is the abstract. A quick scan of this will tell you whether or not you want to download and read the full thesis. There you are; you haven't just looked at a thesis abstract sample, you've demonstrated what the abstract is for! It should now be obvious that writing a thesis abstract is a vital part of presenting your work properly, and if it's done well can attract many more readers. However producing a good one is something that many students find difficult. The purpose of an abstract means it has to be short; half a page is the absolute maximum. There are some other rules it needs to follow, too:

  • Clarity. Your abstract should make sense to someone who hasn't read the thesis. This means it shouldn't contain abbreviations (except common ones) or acronyms.
  • Content. The abstract should cover every section of the thesis. You can either include separate paragraphs for each section or write the abstract as a single paragraph.
  • Completeness. The abstract should stand alone. Reading it should give a basic understanding of your thesis and the reader shouldn't need to refer to anything else while reading it.

If you're finding it difficult to write a good abstract, why not get some professional assistance? At we specialize in helping advanced degree candidates with academic writing, so we've had a lot of experience with abstracts. Although finding a thesis abstract sample is easy enough that doesn't always help, because each thesis is unique and someone else's abstract might not help you work out what to include and how. Our expert writing team can take a more personalized approach and give the help that you need, whether that's writing a tailored thesis abstract example just for you or editing your finished work to iron out any rough spots. If you're having difficulties with this tricky but important part of your thesis just ask us to show what we can do for you.