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Dissertation Proposal Tips and Tricks

If you're doing an advanced degree you're probably slightly nervous about writing your dissertation. After all it's a major project, your academic success depends on it and it needs to be done to a very high standard. What many students overlook, though, is that there's something almost equally important that needs to be done before you can even get started. In many PhD (and even Masters) courses it's necessary to get your topic approved before you can start research, never mind writing, and to do that you're going to have to submit a doctoral dissertation proposal. This is what will get your chosen topic accepted, and it might even decide whether or not you get the research funding that will make your dissertation possible, so it's obviously vital that you get it right. It isn't easy though, and many students welcome some help in getting it right. That's where things become even more difficult, because while the internet is full of theses and other papers it's much harder to find a good dissertation proposal sample or a writing service capable of producing them.

DissertationTeam - The Dissertation Specialist

If you've been having this problem,'s service might be just what you're looking for. Unlike most other writing services we specialize in dissertations for graduate degrees and our whole way of working is optimized for that purpose. That gives us a big head start over our competitors, because we know exactly what's required for a Masters or PhD dissertation proposal. We also don't make the mistake of assuming that it requires exactly the same skills as writing an actual dissertation does, because it doesn't. Your dissertation will be an academic paper, concentrating on facts and analysis. Dissertation proposal writing, on the other hand, is much more like a marketing job. The proposal has to convince a panel of professors - who probably feel like they've seen it all before - that your idea for a dissertation is new and exciting, or at least original enough to add something valuable to the existing research on a subject. While it's still important for it to be factual it also needs to be worded in a way that generates enthusiasm.

Our Service

As we said, we concentrate on helping graduate students produce high quality dissertations, and that includes the proposal process. Our service is based on originality, professionalism and a thorough knowledge of what's required from Masters and doctoral level work. We work from a few basic principles:

  • All original work - We don't use templates or pre-written papers, because that method doesn't meet the standard required at graduate level.
  • No plagiarism - Copying from an existing work might be quick and easy, but it's also easily detected.
  • Quality writing - We don't use cheap writing farms in India or Bangladesh; all our writers are native English speaking professionals.
  • Expertise - Whatever dissertation proposal format or writing style your college prefers, we can handle it. That's the benefit of finding a specialist.

Don't overlook the importance of your proposal. can help you ensure it's as effective as it needs to be.