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Dissertation Examples

Writing a dissertation can be a challenge. By the time you get to that stage you'll have had plenty of experience at writing other academic papers, of course, but a dissertation is a bit different. Have a look at a few sample dissertations and you'll see that they have to be written to an extremely high standard and also need to include original material that adds something valuable to existing knowledge on the subject you're writing about. It's obvious that just finding an article online and rewriting it in your own words isn't going to be adequate. It might have worked at high school and for your first degree, but quite a bit more is required this time. At we specialize in helping students like you hand in high quality dissertations. Often we end up writing them, but we can also give you a lot of assistance if you're determined to write it yourself. One way we can help is by supplying PhD and Masters dissertation examples for you to work from when you start writing.

The value of examples

So why would you want dissertation samples? Simple; they're one of the best ways to get a clear understanding of what information needs to be included in your own dissertation and how it should be laid out. Of course all that will be explained to you by your tutors, but it's much easier to understand when you can see how it's supposed to look. The problem is finding a relevant dissertation example. If you're just looking for any old dissertation that's easy; every university library in the world is full of them. If you're trying to find one that's relevant to the topic you plan to write about that can be a lot harder, though. After all the whole point of a dissertation is that it includes original research, which pretty much rules out anything that's already been written about! However don't give up hope. At we routinely produce actual doctoral theses, so we can certainly give you one or two dissertation examples to work from. If you're using a dissertation example provided by us as a template you'll also have the assurance that you're working from something written by a professional. You may find some examples by following the links below:

The Efficacy of Achievement School Districts

Targeted Killing: Lethal Counter Terrorism

American Economic Sanctions Аgainst Cuba

Guaranteed quality

Unlike many other writing services we concentrate on helping those studying for graduate degrees, so everything we do is geared towards a high level of writing and academic quality. We never give you pre-written or generic papers, and we take plagiarism very seriously; you're guaranteed that anything you get from us is original material written specifically for your requirements. We also exclusively employ native English speaking writers, so you're not going to have to waste time struggling to understand poor grammar or awful spelling. Because our team are all specialists in Masters and doctoral level writing they're familiar with all the standard formats for dissertations, and can also help with other aspects of your degree. For example if you're lost for ideas about how to get your research approved we can give you a dissertation proposal example; that will help you write the convincing proposal needed to get your research under way. Get in touch now and let us know what you need.