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Dissertation Format

How are you feeling about your dissertation? There's a lot to think about as you prepare to write the most important paper of your career as a student. Is your topic original enough? Have you done adequate research? Do the results make sense, or are you going to have anomalies to explain? Are you going to have time to get it all done? That's a lot of factors to consider, and the last thing you need is another one added on top. Unfortunately there is one, and it's important: What dissertation format does your school prefer? Unfortunately the dissertation for an advanced degree can't just be laid out like a school essay; it's an academic paper, so it's going to have to follow a style guide. Which style guide applies depends on several factors, including the subject - if it's about psychology or several other social sciences, for example, it's going to have to follow the APA dissertation format - but one thing's for sure; you're going to have to get it exactly right.

What's so hard about the format?

If you've already managed to do the research for a doctoral level thesis surely getting the right format is going to be easy? Well, you'd think so. It's not necessarily the case, though. As already mentioned these formats are laid out in style guides, which can be fairly lengthy. They're not complicated, just detailed. The problem is that when you're trying to get your dissertation formatting right, unless you're familiar with the style guide you basically end up having to check every sentence you write against multiple sections of the guide. Are you citing references correctly? How should lists be arranged? What numbers should be written out and what ones should be given as figures? How is that affected when numbers are given together with units? None of this is actually difficult, but it can be very time consuming, and given how busy an advanced degree is time is one thing you can't really spare. On the other hand a professional writer - especially one who specializes in high level academic writing, like a member of our team - will be thoroughly familiar with whatever PhD dissertation format you require, and writing in that style will be second nature. If you're happy enough with the actual writing you can do that yourself then just use our editing service to sort out the style; we can easily add the correct dissertation formatting to your work.

Making it easy

No matter what level of help you need to get your dissertation finished in the correct style, we can provide it for you. Whether you need editing services to make sure everything's laid out correctly, our complete writing service or even just a dissertation format sample to help you get it all done yourself, you can be assured of a quick and professional service from us. As a leading specialist in academic writing we know our way around a style guide, and with your dissertation due that's exactly what you need.