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Professional Assistance with PhD Dissertations

Welcome to, the most reliable and professional dissertation assistance service you'll find on the internet. If you think that's an ambitious claim and you're wondering how we can justify it, read on and we'll explain it. In fact it's not that difficult. Unlike most of the essay writing services who advertise online we don't offer to write everything from simple high school essays through to doctoral work. We provide a specialist dissertation service, which results in better results for graduate degree students. It's the same as in any field; by concentrating on one task we can tailor our service towards getting it right, and avoid the distractions imposed by trying to do other things as well. Writing dissertations for Masters or PhD courses is a very different task from turning out essays for lower level study, for a variety of reasons. The main one is that while a high school or undergraduate student is expected to demonstrate their knowledge of existing research, at the dissertation level there's a lot more emphasis on work you've done yourself. That means a lot of the methods used by the average essay writing service - keeping a library of pre-written papers, for example - simply aren't suitable. On the other hand the way we do things gives exactly the results you want.

Why come to us?

There are many reasons why you might be looking for dissertation assistance. The most common one we hear from our clients is simply lack of time. A graduate degree involves a lot of work; in fact our experience suggests that the workload at this level is actually increasing. Undergraduate degrees may or may not be getting easier like many employers complain, but advanced ones certainly aren't. Another problem is the growth of accelerated courses, especially at the Masters degree level. These are a great way to gain an advanced degree while taking the minimum possible time out from your career, but they can put students under a lot of pressure because so much needs to be studied in a short time. There's nothing you can do about the amount of time you'll need to spend studying course material and doing research, but luckily there is one load you can get out from under, and that's your dissertation. By getting a dissertation service to write it for you it's possible to free up many hours for other purposes. Of course even if you do have the time to get your dissertation done you might still want to use our dissertation assistance. After all we're professional writers and you're not. When so many students are now giving themselves an edge with dissertation services can you really afford not to? At a minimum we recommend that, once your dissertation is finished, you get it professionally proof read. After all it's difficult to spot mistakes in your own writing because your brain tends to show you what it should say instead of what it really says.

What we can do

In fact we can offer you the full range of dissertation consulting services. Whether you need a proposal written, some sample papers to give you an idea of what to write or our full writing service, we guarantee you a high quality result. We can do as little or as much as you need; it all depends on how much time you have available and how happy you are about writing. The key point is that we give you a way to ease the burden and reduce your writing tasks to what you can easily manage. Dissertation consulting is what we do; take advantage of it.